Karen Monaghan


A Fish Story
The Catch

So Many Fish...So Little Time...

I've fished in some really great places and loved every minute of it. However there are a couple of places that are really outstanding and deserve mention all on their own. To read more about my adventures in Grenada and Belize just follow the links:

Here are more great moments in my fishing history that are really special. Just click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.
Mahi Mahi Rainbow Trout at Niagara Falls Whirlpool A friendly companion Striper Fishing Marlin & Tuna-all in one day
Karen sees a whale Fishin' with Mom A Marlin Catch Walleye 165 lb. Yellow Fin Tuna
Magazine Cover Ang & the Marlin We release the Marlin A friendly seal Flyin' the Flag
Pod of Dolphins The Fishing Lecture Ice Fishing Setup Lake Trout Karen & the Pelican